Becoming uncomfortable


Personal growth is a topic i am passionate about. I know that it speaks to many people, as we have all experienced difficulty at times. There have been seasons I have found myself in feeling so challenged and lacking motivation. You may have even questioned giving up on the process, taking the easy way out. Anything to stop the feeling of being stretched, pushed and challenged.

Throughout every experience and situation we find ourself in, there are opportunities for personal growth and learning. Nothing in life is certain or comfortable, quite the opposite, it is ever changing! Maybe through hurts and pain, we desire to go back to a time in our lives where things were seemingly better. We may even want things to remain the way they are now. Perhaps we enjoy routine and consistency, but if we stop allowing ourselves to grow, we allow fear to have control.

There are many proven benefits to growth and uncomfortable experiences. To prioritise our personal growth means to live life according to our values. It is a constant process that may change our mental, physical and emotional state. We can experience increased emotional growth, we gain new depth and wisdom from our experiences. Showing optimism in the face of challenges is not our natural response. Evidence proves that optimism in challenging times has the following outcomes:

Benefits of challenges: 

  • Improved heart and physical health

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Improved patience

  • Increased motivation and success in life

  • Increased bonding between you and other people

  • Increased self-esteem and mood