See Counselling operates from the belief that understanding can provide a new perspective. We know you deserve to function at your full potential and we want to help unlock this. 

We are passionate about holistic wellbeing and believe this brings lasting change.




Sometimes change and the process isn’t easy, but commitment to the outcome can help us endure when we lose sight of the outcome. 


Your changes make a difference to the community around you. Knowing we are apart of a community helps keep our perspective grounded. 


We should never feel alone. We are designed for connection. Connection with others and our selves is crucial to the process.

Social initiatives 

We gain so we can give back

20% of Australians will experience mental health issues at least once in their life. 54% of Australians do not access mental health services. You can change this!

Our social initiative is aimed to reduce these statistics. We provide 10% of our income to local Western Australian community initiatives supporting the improvement of mental health in our community. 

Each time you access a service with us, you are benefiting through your improved mental health and you are providing aid to our community.